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Where is God?
Where is God is a question that is asked by many people, maybe even all people at some point in their life. I know I have asked it myself. It can also lead into the question "Does God exist?"

Instead of trying to prove God exists and explain where God is, I'm going take you to the source. I want you to ask this question to God, in fact I dare you to do so. I believe He will give you the answer. To help you I suggest praying this prayer:

God where are you? How can you stand back and let (name the situation) happen. If you're there, show me.

Now I want you to wait, watch, and listen for the answer.

If waiting is too hard for you to do. Try reading the Bible. If you have never read the Bible before start with the book of Matthew. Then you could follow this suggested order. Read the books of Genesis, John, Exodus, Luke, Acts, and Romans from there pick a book, maybe Psalms, Proverbs, the rest of the New Testament, followed by Isaiah, and Jeremiah. I believe by the time your done reading Matthew you will have your answer and want to learn more. I pray that this advice will bless and guide you.

Please don't let this be the only place you seek help or the last place. Don't take my word for it. Read the Bible and see for yourself. Also, it is always best to have a Christian friend to talk to personally.

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