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God Direction Devotions are a combination of devotion, meditation, and Bible study. They will generally start out with a direction of some kind. These directions may be symbolic, and or sarcastic meant to make the devotion interesting and to get you to think. Some of the Devotions will use songs to start or finish the thought. 

I have numbered them in the order they are written. Sometimes they may appear to be in a series from a certain book in the Bible but other times they may be very random. I will write as I feel the direction of the Holy Spirit. Which means they will probably be written in spurts. I am bad about loosing focus. I will go through a time listening to God and then I loose focus and listen to myself, the world, and/or the devil. I allow the stress of my day, week, or month to distract me. This usually ends poorly in which I plead for mercy and return to listening to God.

Generally the thoughts that I write come to me during or directly after the different prayer styles that I practice. I feel they are given me by the Holy Spirit although that is hard to know for sure. I am a sinner and can allow my sinful nature to deceive me. As a general rule if it sounds good and helps bring you closer to God, it is from the Spirit. If it appears dumb and not helpful, those are the ones I screwed up

You can learn more about the prayer styles I use by following the Prayer Guide link.
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