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Goddirection.com was created to help people realize their God given potential and purpose by discovering, developing, nurturing, and deepening their personal relationship with God.

I pray that God will bless this site and help all who come, see God's will for their lives in a way that moves them closer to Him.

This web site is intended to be “beyond denominational”. What is meant by this term is: I know that we can't fully leave the doctrine we believe behind us and not have it come out in this web site. But I pray that we can go beyond our differences, embrace our similarities, and study the Word of God in a way that allows God to show us, thru His Holy Spirit, how to come together in Christ. We need to realize that what we are a part of in this life is bigger than our local churches, it is bigger than our denominations. We are a part of God's kingdom. We need to go beyond our understandings and not box God in by thinking that God can only use those who think and believe the way we do. I'm not saying that doctrine isn't important. Doctrine is very important but when we argue over it we are allowing the devil to keep us from spreading God's Word and building His kingdom.

I understand that as long as mankind is involved, the church will never be perfect. But I also believe there is a core doctrine or belief that all Christian churches can agree on. The Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed contain the core of Christian doctrine. I believe all who can honestly confess these creeds will go to heaven.

I pray that God will use this web site as His instrument to bless you.

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