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God Direction Introduction:
Where Are You Going?
We had just finished spending an evening listening to contemporary Christian music at a Winter Jam in St. Charles. We were all happy but tired. It was late and it was time to go home. My wife, two of my three kids along with three other students from our church piled into our minivan for the long trip home. Much to my surprise we could not go the same way we came. The police directing traffic sent us in the opposite direction. Ok, I thought, I will just follow this road to the next major one, head north and we will hit I-70. Well the road went from 6 lanes to two quickly and led us through many curves then to what appeared to be a major highway. So I turned right thinking that would head us north (we didn't have a compass in the van). After driving a while I came to the realization I didn't know  where we were going. I was lost. A man's biggest nightmare; I was going to have to ask for directions. I'm a man, I can figure out where I'm going. I know where I am and I know where I want to be but, I could not figure out how to get from here to there.

At the time I didn't see much good out of that experience. It was late and we stopped a couple of times before we found someone who could tell us how to get to I-70. Now I reflect on that experience and see a parallel with my faith walk. I know where I am and I know where I want to be but, try as hard as I can I can't get there. When it comes to living, we can't go it on our own. As a born sinner I can't follow the path that leads to my true home, Heaven (John 14:1-7). As a sinner I can't even recognize that this life here on earth is a temporary one. I need help, I need a map, I need God direction. God is the only one with that information. We find that direction in the Bible (John 14:6) as well as guidance that God gives us through the Holy Spirit and through His creation. I pray that through this web sit God will give you His direction.
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