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Week 7: Personality Type & Temperament Prayer
How was your experience with Ignatian Prayer?

How has your experience in whole with this study gone?

Have you found a particular prayer that was more rewarding or easier to do than others?

Do you feel you’ve been blessed through this experience?

I pray that God’s blessings have showered upon you in many ways but especially in developing a closer relationship with God. We have reached the last study, but this is certainly not the end. Prayer is something that we continue to grow and learn for as long as we practice it. If you are still struggling and you have the feeling that Contemplative prayer isn’t for you, please don’t give up. This last study is for you. Those that have had success will also benefit from this study.

In recent years there have been studies and observations that personality type and temperament affect an individual’s prayer life. Some personalities have more success than others and certain personalities lean toward certain prayers compared to the others. This prayer style still gives hope to those who are struggling in their prayer life. This leads to the next God direction:

Starting Point: Not For Me Parkway

Destination: Everyone Can Boulevard

Directions: Drive north on Not For Me Parkway, turn right on Who I Am Turnpike. After taking in the sites and sounds from the My Life Park turn north on Everyone Can Boulevard. On this road you will find what you’re looking for.

I know it has sounded easy before but the drive is longer and more difficult than the directions lead you to believe. Be ware of stopping and turning around in the My Life Park. There are areas we don’t like or will try to avoid. You must push ahead. But don’t speed through. The roads are winding and if you go to fast you will be derailed. You don’t want to end up in the ditch. But if you do, crying out for help will bring your rescuer. He will take you by the hand, pull you up and take you slowly through. If at anytime you are lost you can do the same.

Christ wants to help. But often our past experiences make this almost impossible. In life we often put on God our experiences. We see him as the abusive father, mother, or boss. Maybe we see him as the overbearing teacher, or Preacher or the scary bully. Sometimes we see a cowering spouse or coworker. The reality is we see God (Christ) as anything but what He is. In this study we will look at who we are right now, maybe see how we became this way and then look to God to show us who He wants us to be. To do this we must be honest about ourselves and be open to who God really is.

We are reaching the end of the lessons but don't consider it the end, consider it's the beginning. We start where we are and go toward where God is calling us. Excepting who we are and who we are made to be and give up being like everyone else. God has made each of us special. We may be similar to others but we are different. Too often we fall into the trap of being who we aren’t. We try to be who we think others want us to be.  With the Personality Type and Temperament Prayer we start with finding out what our Myers-Briggs personality type is:

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